Small and powerful with two functions. Strands Lighting Divisions new safety product combines a reversing alarm and a warning light. A perfect tool for vehicles in high volume environments.

A powerful beeping sound in combination with a warning light function makes you both see and hear it. The warning light is important to warn people who are distracted by other sounds, such as headphones.

Suitable for trucks, trailers and wheel loaders, but can be mounted on all types of vehicles. The reversing alarm is water resistant and easy to mount and install. Mounting can be done with a slider on the side and can be connected to the reversing light.

– We work with large customers, they have a need for safe working environments, we are convinced that this product can be very useful to them, says Johan Carlos CEO of Strands Fordonskomponenter AB.

The two functions can be used at the same time or separately.

– Two functions in one product
– Compact size (101.9x43x87.9mm)
– 92-107 decibels
– Amber LED warning light

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