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Stylish and practical LED driving lights for cars

Strands Lighting Division offers LED driving lights for trucks and cars which improves the driver’s visibility when driving in the dark or during bad weather. It also improves the appearance of your car. An LED driving light is mounted on the front of the car and comes in different size and shapes. The most popular driving lights today are LED driving lights thanks to their durability, price and energy efficiency.

Powerful LED driving lights for trucks

Experience our powerful driving lights for optimal visibility in the dark. At Strands Lighting Division we have a wide range of LED driving lights which fit both cars and trucks. No matter which driving light you choose, you’re always guaranteed a warranty that extends for at least three years.

What do I need in order to mount an LED driving light?

We offer all the accessories you need to mount your various  driving lights. Driving light holders are available for those with two or three driving lights. The holder is placed behind the license plate. Wiring kits are connected from the lamps to the battery to get control current so that the driving lights are activated together with the high beam. Top struts are available for two or three driving lights. The struts prevent the lights from changing position during vibrations. The universal frame fulfills the same function as the driving light holder but becomes more attractive when the driving light is mounted on an aluminum frame. We also offer complete driving light kits with everything that is needed for a complete installation.

Why choose LED driving lights?

 LED driving lights from Strands Lighting Division comes in several different beam patterns like spot, flood, and combo. Spot provides a focused beam pattern and emits an extended light. Flood provides a wide light and a large spread over large areas. Combo means a combination of spot and flood and creates a wide light that shines extended. At Strands Lighting Division we can offer a driving light that suits you and your driving.

LED driving lights is a classic that still gives you the light you need on the dark roads. A driving light has a high performance and a simple and secure mounting.

For a couple of years, LED technology has been so developed that it has seriously become a perfect alternative to Xenon. As production volumes go up, and prices go down, they become more and more interesting. An LED has no moving parts and lasts, in the right construction, longer than its predecessors Halogen and Xenon.

With driving lights, you get the best visibility when driving and complement the car’s standard lighting. The advantage of LED driving lights is that they create a strong glow despite their functional size. In addition, they have a low power consumption and a very long durability.