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Everything you need to know about tail lights

Strands Lighting Division got a wide range of LED tail lights with several different functions and designs. But common to all is that the tail lights are functional and of a high quality.

Strands Lighting Division has adapted tail lights for several different purposes, including trailers. The tail lights are multifunctional and are available with anything from one to six functions in one lamp. Often equipped with several functions like brake lights, tail lights, fog lights, reversing lights and indicators. It is legal to have working tail lights and regular inspections will help you identify problems with your tail lights.

Tail lights are mounted on the rear of the vehicle and emits a light parallel to the transport. The tail lights also show how far your vehicle is. The light has the task of informing other road users about the position of your vehicle when observed from behind but also for your own sake. The tail light comes on automatically when the vehicle starts and also draws the attention of fellow road users. The red color of the tail lights shines more brightly whenever you are braking. Which makes it easy for other cars to understand when to slow down.