Strands AMBASSADOR 9″ LED driving light. With white and amber position light
Atr. nr. 270922

Strands AMBASSADOR 9″ LED driving light. With white and amber position light


Ambassador, our next flagship driving light, is as the name
suggests, very powerful. It is developed for you who demand
the abslolute best light beam – it exceeds everything you
seen and literally turns night into day on a long distance.

The LED-chip is customized to meet the highest standard
possible. With Ambassador you get uniqe components, which
you can not find anywhere else. It is designed in Sweden and
assembled in Europe to ensure the perfect light experience.

Comes with dual colors, yellow and white position light.
Choose yourself which one you prefer to express your
personality. The PC-lens comes with the highest standard
of anti-scratch treatment, providing great visibility into
the future. North of the Arctic Circle the climate conditions
are tough, the roads are treated with extreme amounts of salt
to remove the ice. Therefore we equipped Ambassador with
a uniqe aluminium housing to stand corrosion in a way you never seen before. The back of the lamp has a special
Nitto Denko breather, which means that moisture is
transported out of the lamp, but no moisture will enter.

Since Ambassador is a high performance lamp, details play
an important role. If you want to custom paint the lamp,
make sure to not paint over the breathers, which disturbs
the function. This is simply the driving light where nothing
is left open. Ambassador provides a light experience of
the highest standard.

Product sheet

3115 SEK

  • Part number 270922
  • Brand Strands Lighting Division

  • Type of lamp LED
  • Type of LED EDISON
  • PCS LED´s 8
  • Voltage (V DC) 10-32V DC
  • Consumption (w) 12V Driving light: 70.2 position light: 15
  • Consumption (w) 24V 572 position light: 15
  • Theoretical lumen 5535
  • Actual lumen 4040
  • 1 LUX @ m 1007
  • Kelvin 6250
  • IP-class 68
  • Colour housing Black
  • Colour lens Clear
  • Colour LED´s White/Amber
  • Beam pattern Spot
  • Position light Yes amber and white
  • Connection Cable
  • Cable length (mm) 3000
  • Material bracket Steel
  • Material housing/chassi Aluminium
  • Material lens Polycarbonate
  • Depth (mm) 132
  • Height including bracket (mm) 245
  • Diameter (mm) 230.5
  • Operating temperature -40°C – +45°C
  • ADR-approved No
  • E-approved  No
  • EMC ECE R10

  • 1 LUX at (m) for 1 unit 712
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 2 units 1007
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 3 units 1233
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 4 units 1424
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 5 units 1592
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 6 units 1744
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 7 units 2664
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 8 units 3488
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 9 units 4272
  • 1 LUX at (m) for 10 units 5035

  • Black cable White position light
  • Red cable + Positive
  • White cable – Ground
  • Yellow cable Amber position light
  • Mounting details included Top stabilizer (stainless steel)

  • Length inner box (mm) 140
  • Height inner box (mm) 280
  • Depth inner box (mm) 280
  • Weight (kg) 2.4
  • Lenght master carton (mm) 420
  • Height master carton (mm) 320
  • Widht master carton (mm) 340
  • Weight master carton (kg) 7.71
  • Country of orgin Poland
  • Taric code 85122010