The risk of hitting someone is three times as high in the dark as in daylight. High quality vehicle lighting is an important choice that reduces the risk. But it is not always the length of the light that is most important – safety is also about your driving experience.

Your eyes are an important aspect that is rarely taken as seriously as high performance. A really long light that is not optimized, can for example cause an unpleasant and unsafe driving experience – that’s because the eyes become strained and tired.

Many years of experience in vehicle lighting development combined with numerous tests together with professional drivers resulted in Arcum, a new type of LED bar that provides an optimal light experience.

– A relaxed and attentive driver can mean far more for safety than an unnecessarily long light beam, explains Johan Carlos, CEO of Strands Lighting Division.

Arcum’s optimized light beam is described as a pleasant combination between length and width – suitable for both long straight stretches and winding forest roads. Comes in three lengths – 20 ”, 30” and 40 ”.

All lengths are E-approved according to ECE R112, with reference numbers between 45 and 50 – making it suitable for trucks and other large vehicles. Arcum has an curved shape and comes with a position light where light, where the rods are positioned vertically one after the other.

Eye tips for increased road safety:

– Pay extra attention when driving from lighted sections to dark ones
– Never focus directly on oncoming traffic when driving in the dark
– Wear sunglasses if needed
– Air conditioning can dry out the eyes – use eye drops
– If you are wearing glasses – keep them clean and keep an extra pair in your vehicle

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