Forget how a snow plow lamp looks like. Alaska from Strands Lighting Division is predicted to be Europe-leading thanks to the all-in-one solution. Modern design is combined with requested features.

Timeless elegance, soft shapes and a slim design make it a good fit on today’s modern vehicles. The appealing position light adds another dimension to the overall impression.

Alaska is truly a milestone that has been fulfilled, where we are changing the perception of what a plow lamp can be, says Johan Carlos CEO of Strands Lighting Division.

Smart heating lens
Alaska comes with a thermostatically controlled heat lens that starts automatically at five degrees and effectively keeps the lamp snow- and ice-free – completely without manual handling by the driver.

The lamp comes with low beam, high beam, position light and indicator – all fully E-approved with reference number 17.5. It is universal and can be mounted on both the left and right sides of the vehicle. The bracket can be mounted at the bottom or the back, which creates opportunities and makes installation easy.

– An all-in-one solution. The light beam is fantastic and it is more powerful than similar products on the market, at a significantly more attractive price, says Johan Carlos.

The lamp has several different uses – for example, on vehicles in agriculture and construction, where there are no headlights in the original version. Especially useful on snow removal vehicles where the plow blade normally covers the main headlamp.

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