An extremely powerful warning light that also provides an unbeatable high beam. Siberia Night Guard from Strand Lighting Division is a multifunctional LED lamp developed to simplify the need for lighting and increase the road safety.

No similar lamp has been seen on the market before. Night Guard is described as a night guard with the highest reliability. In the shape of a LED bar, the lamp meets for the very first time the need for both warning light and driving light. Suitable for both small and large transport vehicles, trucks or excavators. Comes in four sizes and is easily mounted in the front or on the roof. All models are E-approved both as warning light and driving light.

– Undoubtedly one of the most exciting lamps we have created. Completely unique in its kind. A simple idea with unbeatable safety and multifunction that simplifies everyday life for the road’s heroes, describes Johan Carlos, CEO of Strands Lighting Division.


The lightheads that run along the top of the bar provide a powerful and effective warning light function. At the same time, Night Guard also covers the need for driving lights and delivers an optimized, massive light image that combines length and width.

The mounting possibilities are many. Several of the smaller size, 12 ”, can for example be mounted on trucks, while the larger one in 38” can be mounted on the roof of the transport vehicle. The LED bar design makes it easy to install and is not as space consuming as separate warning light bars and driving lights.

Night Guard also comes with the characteristic Siberia position light. Choose between amber or white light and change color when you wish.

Learn more about Night Guard here

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