Tired eyes in traffic can be history. The new curved LED bar Arcum from Strands is designed to provide an optimal light experience.

High performance driving lights with maximum performance does not necessarily mean that the journey is safer. Light with a strong near-light or unnecessarily long spot beam can cause eye strain, which can lead to an unpleasant driving experience.

Three lengths – all E-approved
The new LED bar Arcum is the result of many years of experience, a lot of tests and a close collaboration with professional drivers. The optimized light beam makes it suitable for both curving roads and straight sections. Comes in three lengths – 20 ”, 30” and 40 ”.

– We develop all our lighting with a focus on the professional user, says Johan Carlos, CEO at Strands.

All lengths are E-approved according to ECE R112, with reference numbers between 45 and 50. E-approved as a driving light even in larger lengths, it fits both trucks and other larger vehicles. The brackets are placed both on the back and the sides, which makes it possible to mount in several ways.

Innovative position light
Comes with a characteristic position light, where the light rods are placed vertically one after the other, which gives an attractive effect. Has an arched, curved shape that fits well together with today’s aerodynamic vehicles.

Arcum is included in the Strands Lighting Division’s three-year function warranty – a unique security that underlines the brand’s quality, improves service and increases customer satisfaction. The warranty includes all products in the range.

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