The legend continues to inspire. 80-year-old Sven-Erik “Svempa” Bergendahl is working with another exclusive truck construction. At Trailer Trucking Festival he showed the ongoing project “Frostfire” – where all the lighting comes from Strands Lighting Division.

The interest in Svempa Bergendahl’s ongoing project is huge at the truck show in Mantorp, Sweden. He is in a good mood. Everyone wants a piece of Svempa. Autographs and selfie, one after another. Trade shows are the best time to showcase the vehicle to a wide audience.

– It’s still so fun. I will do this forever, there is no reason to stop. I feel good. Have good people around me. A good wife who supports me, he explains.

Swempa’s track record is impressive. He was the one who made truck styling popular. Today he has created 600 custom cars. The ongoing project “Frostfire” is expected to be completed in May. Like most previous builds, it is a Scania with a V8 in it. An engine that is now 50 years old.

–  A perfect choice. Both the sound and the quality are good, says Svempa.

All lighting comes from Strands Lighting Division. At the back he uses IZE LED taillights – which are equipped with attractive features. Dynamic indicator and dynamic startup function. The effect is eye-catching.

– I belive and trust in Strands, there are other brands of vehicle lighting that have crashed and do not keep up with the development. Strands delivers lighting that lasts, with features that fit well into my cars, says Svempa.

Strands continues to follow the construction work going forward – and looks forward to the end result.

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