From February 1, 2020, Strands Group AB is the exclusive distributor of NBB’s auxiliary lighting brand in Sweden. In Strands Group’s organization, distribution of NBB will be simplified and clarified for the entire market.

Strands Group AB will also be the main distributor in Sweden of ABL work lights and actively drive sales of Vignal Group’s other brands through aftermarket and small OEM.

Both NBB and ABL are Scandinavian brands (Scandinavian car lighting, work lighting) and will fit well in Strand’s strategy of developing, selling and marketing Scandinavian lighting brands.

– Strands Group is currently active in over 35 countries and has Europe’s fastest growing brands with a mission to expand by creating “Lighting innovation. For every driver, every day, ” says Johan Carlos, CEO of Strands Group AB.

A perfect match

– ABL and Strands Group are a perfect match – which will significantly increase ABL’s aftermarket sales over the next few years, says Yves Chaumais, CEO of ABL Lights.

ABL Lights is a global leading manufacturer of vehicle lighting and is now part of the Vignal Lighting Group.

– We dare to work in a unique way in a conservative branch, that’s why our brands have been able to grow with over 3000 percent since 2012. Strands is all about passion. We look forward to continuing this expansive journey, says Johan Carlos, CEO of Strands Group AB.

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