The Siberia family expands with Siberia DRH 22”. An E-approved double-row LED bar with a built-in heated lens. Created to give you maximum visibility regardless of the weather and road conditions.

Siberia DRH is developed for the harsh cold climate. The LED bar’s exclusive suit gives an unbeatable overall impression. Every little element is created to bring out the best possible performance regardless of the weather conditions. Siberia DRH gives you the unique Siberia dual position light. Express your style and personality by choosing between the colors amber and white.

Automatically heated lens

Siberia DRH comes with a built-in heated lens. The feature is automatic, starts at 5°C, keeps snow and ice away from the lens, and stops when the temperature exceeds 5 °C – without any handling by the driver. At the side of the LED bar, you get a small LED that goes on with an amber light to measure the temperature when you start up the LED bar. If it’s 5 °C outside, it stays on, and if the temperature exceeds 5 °C, it turns off.

Easy to install

The back of Siberia DRH is curved, and the house is designed to be mounted directly on the light bar or roof bar. Easy to install with the included side and back brackets, Siberia pro cable set 1x DT (art. no. 270477), or the Siberia brackets.

Use the Siberia DR bar bracket (Art. no. 809185) for mounting the LED bar on light bars and roof bars or the Siberia professional universal bracket kit (Art. no. 270476), which fits perfectly with all the LED bars from Strands Lighting Division´s range.

Read more about Siberia DRH here. 

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