Strands Lighting Division is now launching the exclusive Ambassador LED driving light as the latest addition to the Strands family. Ambassador is extremely strong and designed for those who demand the absolute best light beam. It also comes with exciting features – such as selectable color of the position light.

The driving light with extra everything. Ambassador is a new driving light in the Strands Lighting Division’s range that meets the most demanding expectations. The components are specifically designed for Ambassador to ensure quality and function. The driving light is designed in Sweden and manufactured in Europe.

Although Ambassador is only a 70W lamp, it gives a very powerful light. The lamp’s LED chip is especially designed to create an unique and extraordinary light beam together with the reflector. It provides 1 lux at 1007 meters.

Choose yourself
The position light has a dual, selectable function. White or amber light, where the user chooses which color they prefer. The lens is made of unbreakable polycarbonate that has been sent for treatment in Germany to be extremely durable against stone shoots and scratches.

Demanding road conditions
– Since our Scandinavian road conditions are very demanding, we have made sure that the aluminum housing resists corrosion in a way we have never seen on the market before, Johan Carlos continues.

No moisture
On the back of the lamp are so-called “breathers” from Nitto Denko. A feature that keeps the lamp’s interior climate in the best condition. Moisture is carried away from the lamp, but no moisture will enter. *When painting the house, the “breathers” need to be protected and covered in order to maintain the function.

– During the summer, sales have already surpassed all expectations. Ambassador is the driving light Europe has been waiting for, says Johan Carlos.

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