Strand Lighting Division introduces new unique three-year function warranty that includes all products of SLDs (Strand Lighting Division) range.

With the new 3-year function warranty we prove our brand’s quality, improve service and increase customer satisfaction. Unlike our competitors, we choose to include all items in the Strand Lighting Division’s product range, which makes the warranty a unique security.

The warranty is a function warranty against manufacturing defects that result from a faulty manufacturing process, materials or workmanship.

Strand Lighting Division offers a wide range of vehicle lighting products tested and approved for the professional market. The brand stands for innovative and modern lighting with high quality at a reasonable price. The products are available at retailers across Europe and have a strong growth in both sales and market shares in the last years. Through the three-year function warranty, we take the next step and strengthen our market position even further.

You always get 3 year warranty on all SLD (Strand Lighting Division) products. For other products, the individual product’s warranty applies. The warranty applies to manufacturing faults that are the result of a faulty manufacturing process, materials or workmanship. The warranty does not apply to wear and tear, environmental influences, incorrect assembly or use of the product in a way that it is not intended. Please note that parts of the product may need to be replaced within 3 years due to normal wear and tear. The warranty is valid for 3 years from the time of purchase and are personal, this means, it cannot be transferred. </ Em>

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