Strands continues to successfully expand the team with ambassadors – the latest addition is Glenn Kronberg Transport AB in Sweden.

All of Glenn Kronberg Transport AB’s vehicles are equipped with vehicle lighting from Strands Lighting Division – but it is a Scania Next Generation with the driver Anestis Papadopoulos who will be the front figures.

– Very nice to be Strands ambassador. Love to try new products and new technology, says Papadopoulos.

The new ambassador is particularly fond of the LED driving light Fritsla, which he also uses on private cars. The driving light corresponds to high demands on design, performance and technology.

– But it is difficult to choose a favorite product, they fulfill different functions. I am very pleased with the LED ramp ALTA, but also with NUUK. Quality products at good prices, says Anestis Papadopoulos.

The ambassadors are carefully selected and described as role models with a personal style. Glenn Kronbergs Transport AB has been filmed and photographed for marketing purposes and will regularly appear in different Strands contexts.

– The pros are important for our product development, therefore we are incredibly happy that many people want to represent the brand. It is profiles and actors who do not want to compromise on quality, technology or design, says Johan Carlos, CEO of Strands Fordonskomponenter AB.

Watch ambassador movie here

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