Everything you want from a tail light. Strand’s is now presenting tail lights for cars and trailers with requested features such as dynamic indicator and neon lights.

The tail lights come with a unique security – a three-year function warranty. The warranty covers the entire Strands Lighting Division’s range and is especially valuable when it comes to tail lights and other lighting that is consistently exposed to great stress every day.

All tail lights in the series are E-approved and comes with a dynamic indicator. The feature means that the diodes lights up, one after the other, which gives an eye-catching appearance to your vehicle.

The tail lights also have an indirect, soft light with neon-like effect.

– A light with “glow” that harmonizes well with today’s modern design. Perfect for those who are looking for innovative, high quality products, says Johan Carlos, CEO at Strands Fordonskomponenter AB.

The tail lights come with five functions – one is for the car, is universal and can be mounted on both the right and west side. Two models are for trailers, one for the right and one for left mounting.


Product information

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