Strands Lighting Division has always developed lighting for work vehicles and is Europe´s fastest-growing brand in vehicle lighting. Now we present a completely new type of warning lights series on the market. This is Cruise Light.

The Cruise Light series is all about when you are in charge. Always ready to make your passion visible and become on with the amber glow. The series contains 8 warning light bars in sizes from 30 cm to 180 cm and beacon warning lights in 11 different models with 3 three different mounting options ­– surface mounting, DIN/pole mounting, and magnet/cig-plug. Choose between dark tinted, amber, or clear lens.

The series slim design is made to fit all types of commercial vehicles and guarantees both visibility and safety. You get up to 13 different warning light patterns depending on the product where Cruise Light´s amber glow is one of the patterns. The entire series is fully E-approved, and the warning light bars are E-approved according to ECE R65 class 1 and class 2.

No matter what vehicle you are driving or what work situation you are facing, Strands Lighting Division´s unique 3-year function warranty will make your work safer. Choose the right warning light for your purpose and become one with Cruise Light´s amber glow. Ready to change the market with unique features.

Cruise Light Roof bars (Part. No. 850211, 850214-850219, 850221)

Cruise Light Beacon warning lights (Part. No. 850930-850934 & 850950-850955)

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