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Wide range of high-performing automotive work lights

Strands Lighting Division has a wide range of work lights for all possible types of vehicles like cars, trucks, tractors, and excavators. We offer work lights with different spread and in various shapes. Always check the actual consumption (watts) and lumen before buying your work lights. All of our work lights have a long durability and they’re also energy efficient. Our work lights can also withstand impacts and shocks.

Work lights for improved visibility & safer working conditions

A powerful work light makes your job safer and simpler because the risk of a potential accident is reduced. When you install work lights on your vehicle, it’s important to get the work light in right angle of your vehicle so everyone can see you clearly on the road. You’re in need of work lights when you do much of your work on or around the road. Our work lights makes it easier to work even in the harshest of weather.

Halogen and Xenon VS LED work lights

There are many different types of work lighting. Halogen lamps are cheaper but more sensitive to impacts and shocks. Xenon lamps last longer than halogen lamps and are less sensitive to impacts. LEDs are also insensitive to impacts and shocks but draw less power.

In recent years, LED technology has come to dominate the market. The transition from halogen lamps to LED comes with many advantages as LED lamps are more energy efficient and lasts longers. If you choose Strands LED work lights, there’s a bright future ahead of you.