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What is a strobe light bar?

The bar is mounted on the vehicle’s roof to draw attention to the surroundings but also to increase fellow road users’ preparedness for possible danger. The rules for using strobe light bars are different in different countries.

In Sweden, only orange strobe light bars are allowed. These must also be approved according to ECE R65 and ECE R10.

Strands Lighting Division has always developed products for manufactured vehicles and therefore we have developed LED strobe light bars that focus on keeping you safe when working in exposed environments.

Strobe light bars for trucks

Strobe light bars may only be used by road workers, tow trucks, at accident sites and if the width of the vehicle exceeds 3 meters. They may also be used by road transport managers if the transport is very long, wide, or heavy. Our strobe light bars are easy to assemble and have all the certificates you need to work along the road.

It can be a jungle to choose a strobe light bar for a specific truck. We at Strands Lighting Division offer a very wide range of different types of strobe light bars in several different models.