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LED position lights for cars and other vehicles

LED position lights are perfect for cars, vehicles and trucks who’s in the need of extra lighting. The purpose of a position light is to show other drivers the size of their vehicle. Cars usually have two position lights front and rear but trucks always have more, because of their size. Our position lights come in many different variants and combinations. It’s important that the position lights work properly, and that the driver know which rules apply.

Position lights designed to withstand harsh climates

It is important the LED position lights can withstand all kinds of weather and climate. For example, in Sweden we have a cold and rough climate during winter and spring. Our positions lights are designed to withstand this type of harsh climate. Our position lights have components that adapts to the cold climate and the mixture in the PC lenses.

Position lights vs side markers

It can sometimes be confusing to understand the difference between position light and side marker lights. The difference is that side marker lights up the side of the vehicle while the position light lights up back and front even though they are mounted on the side of the vehicle. There are different certifications on side markers and amber position lights. Side marker has ECE R91 and position lights have ECE R7.