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What is an LED bar?

An LED bar acts as an elongated driving light and is a short or long set of LEDs that have strong brightness. The diodes are usually surrounded by reflectors, but lenses are also common.

LED bars are discreet and can be mounted in many different ways. On the roof, under or over the license plate, behind the grill and so on. There are also curved LED bar that are shaped like arches to get more light on the sides and for a nicer installation as the bar follows the car’s shape. You choose the length of the bar depending on where on the vehicle you want to mount it.

Why choose an LED bar?

Often the standard light on cars is bad, it is not enough to switch to better light bulbs. Then an LED bar is a good alternative because it is discreet and powerful. They are not only for the car, but can also be mounted on trucks, ATVs, heavy vehicles and so on.

What is needed for assembly?

If you want to mount it in a simple, nice and safe way that does not damage your vehicle, you should use a bracket adapted for LED bars. It is common to put the bracket behind the license plate, as it is easy to reset if you want to remove it. You will find all our mounting brackets here.