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How to choose the right automotive light bulb

When it comes to automotive light bulbs, it’s essential that you have the correct one for your vehicle. Without proper automotive light bulbs, you car becomes a danger to yourself and other drivers.

When buying new bulbs for your car, you need to find out what kind of automotive light bulbs are required for your car and your lifestyle. You also need to decide whether you want to go for LED, halogen, or xenon light bulbs. The different alternatives come with various benefits.

What kind of bulbs can I put in my car?

The easiest way to check out what kind of bulbs you can use is to see if the old bulb’s ANSI code matches the new bulb. You will often find the ANSI code on the bulb’s base, consisting of a row of numbers and letters. Today, most cars use xenon or halogen light bulbs, but switching to LEDs is the most popular option. When switching to LEDs, you should consider getting an LED conversion kit. Regardless of your choice, ensure your car lights are up to date.

LED car light bulbs

LED light bulbs for cars are a popular option because the light is considered more energy efficient and produces a brighter light and a concentrated light beam. The LEDs can be installed in many different applications and are less prone to getting damaged during the installation.

Halogen car light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs produce a standard amount of light and a warmer color than LEDs. They have a long lifespan and are usually priced well, lowering replacement costs. Halogen comes in several models for several sizes, making them more versatile than other lights on the market.

Xenon car light bulbs

Xenon produces a blue-white light that is extremely bright and is perfect for visibility during bad conditions. they can produce brighter light with less heat than halogen bulbs and are cost-efficient because they require much less energy to maintain the brightness.