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Wide range of automotive lighting

Strands Lighting Division develops the industry. We are passionate about developing high-quality products and we ensure the quality of each product. We ensure that all products meet our high standards. Strands Lighting Division has an incredibly wide range of automotive lighting, and you can always find lighting, whether you are looking for lighting for cars or larger working vehicles or trucks. Our automotive lighting is of the highest quality and always comes with at least a 3-year warranty. Strands Lighting Division offers both LED, Zenon / HID or halogen lighting. Our most popular product category is our LED ramps.

Truck lights for large vehicles

Strands Lighting Division has a market-leading range of truck lights and accessories. We always ensure that each product meets our high demands for high quality. All truck lights are designed to make the truck driver’s job safe and secure. One of the many advantages of Strands Lighting Division’s range is that our ambassadors test our products and give us important feedback, which promotes both the products and the company. Another advantage is of course the range is developed in Sweden and  many years of experience in the industry.

High performance vehicle lighting

Strands Lighting Division vehicle lighting has many advantages. Lighting increases the safety of drivers in many ways. It is easier to perform tasks during the dark hours of the day and it becomes easier to drive in the dark regardless of road conditions or weather. It is also important to have good lighting when performing road works and being affected by the traffic that wants to get around. The right lighting is important for you to see and be seen in traffic.