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What is a LED tail light?

A tail light consists of at least two red rear-facing lights. The rear light is switched on at forwarding headlights, such as full or low beam, and at parking lights. The brightness of the tail light is weaker than the brake light and should always be turned on. A vehicle’s right and left rear lights are usually divided into separate circuits for safety reasons. Tail lights are needed to be visible to other road users and your visibility.

LED rear lights for trucks

Strands Lighting Division has a large selection of LED rear lights for trucks focusing on function and quality. All our LED rear lights are selected to have a long lifespan, good light image, and functionality. Every truck and trailer needs LED rear lights, and it is legal for them to work. No matter what you are looking for, we have the lighting you need. If you need help or inspiration to find the right tail light for your truck, do not hesitate to contact us.