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Increased safety with side marker lights

Side markers protects you by informing other cars about your vehicle when it is observed from the side, hence the name “side marker”. Side marker lights are always directed perpendicular to the vehicle. This differs from other lights which illuminate in parallel with the means of transport. Side markers are characterized by their orange glow. LED side marker lights can over time become discolored, cracked, and chipped. So, if your current side markers should be replaced, browse through our superior collection of replacement LED side marker lights.

High-performance LED side marker lights

At Strands, it’s is important our customers have the best LED side marker lights available. LED side marker lights are more powerful and glows brighter than just regular side markers. Side markers utilize the increasingly common LED technology. In recent years, LED technology has come to dominate the market. LED lamps have many advantages because they’re energy efficient, can withstand impacts and shocks, has a clearer and brighter light and last longer.

Side markers that combine safety and style

We care about your safety; our side markings are made of robust and reliable materials that guarantee your visibility on Europe’s roads. The side markers come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Strands Lighting Division offers a wide range of side markers to choose from to find what suits you and your style. We also offer a wide range of fog lights, position lights and complete rubber arms / clubs. You will find all subcategories of position lights / side markings here.