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How do halogen driving lights compare to LED driving lights?

Good driving lights help improve safety on the road at night. Halogen and LEDs are different types of lights on the market, each with different performance, lifespan, and price. Halogen driving lights’ delivers a bright, yellow colored light and have a lifespan from 450 to 1000 hours. Compared to halogen driving lights, LED driving lights are more energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan (often over a decade) and are the most cost-effective type of driving light over time.

Halogen driving lights for trucks

Halogen driving lights have many benefits and are a perfect choice for truck drivers. Halogen driving lights are the most common headlight on cars and trucks and have been the first choice for most vehicles´ lighting for the longest time. The light delivers a warm and bright light that enables the truck driver a clear view of the road. Halogen driving lights will not blind other drivers. You can choose between several models and sizes when buying halogen driving lights for trucks.