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Siberia family is expanding. Strands Lighting Division presents Siberia Next Level which redefines what a work light can achieve. With one work light, one installation and one guarantee, Next Level creates a new era for work lights.

Siberia Next Level is a powerful work light you have not experienced before. Designed as an LED bar and comes in 11″ and 38″. Next Level creates a constant flow of light, which simplifies your work considerably. Siberia Next Level 11” is with its 9200 lumens, created to give the same power as 4 standard 2 000 lumens LED work lights. Siberia Next Level 38” with its 32 000 lumens, is created to provide the same power as 12-15 standard 2 000 lumen LED work lights.

Next Level’s beam pattern is extremely long, strong, and wide. But also creates a soft and dynamic light which gives you better visibility and avoid tired eyes. Loaded with all the features you need, in one lamp. With a slim design, it is easy to mount on the side, rear, and in the front of the vehicle with a Siberia DR bar bracket (part.nr 809185), that has a universal fit and fits LED bars with a bar diameter of 58-70 mm. In addition to the eye-catching aesthetic effects, Next Level creates security for you to feel safe – the entire work shift.

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