Welcome to the future. Get ready for Dark Knight Nuuk. A real game-changer. Better performance. Less consumption. Developed for electrical vehicles.

Dark Knight Nuuk is the next generation of LED bars. Choose between 14”, 20”, and 30”. Ready to break new ground, made for electric vehicles, and comes with a sophisticated look and passion in every detail. An all-dark look with a dark lens and super-slim no edge design, almost invisible when it becomes one with your vehicle. A perfect match for electric vehicles.


We have taken the leading position in giving you innovative lighting for more than a decade. To make you feel the passion. Let us take you forward where something new awaits.

We dare to go first with a constant passion for changing the market. To constantly evolve and take responsibility for our environment. It ́s about time for a new era, and it ́s about time to compensate for the climate we use. We want to take responsibility and be at the forefront.

We are now the first company in the world to CO2-compensate vehicle lighting and we will start with Dark Knight Nuuk. For every Dark Knight Nuuk we sell, we compensate for CO2 by planting a tree corresponding to 50 kg CO2. For a greener planet. For a healthier planet.


Dark Knight Nuuk is a breathtaking game-changer. A LED bar designed for electrical vehicles, developed with the environment, the driver, and the optimal lighting experience in focus. The light beam creates the perfect balance and gives you light where you need it. Better performance, less consumption.


Dark Knight Nuuk comes in a unique smooth suit with a sophisticated all-dark look with passion in every detail. Super-slim no, edge design, almost invisible when it becomes one with your vehicle.


We always guarantee visibility, safety, and long-term product durability when using lighting from Strands Lighting Division. Dark Knight Nuuk is E-approved according to ECE R7 and R11 and stands behind Strands Lighting Division´s unique 3-year function warranty. Always with your visibility and safety in focus. Get to know Dark Knight Nuuk here.

Dark Knight Nuuk 14″ (part.no. 809131)

Dark Knight Nuuk 20″ (part.no. 809132)

Dark Knight Nuuk 30″ (part.no. 809133)

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