Summertime is not the same as increased traffic safety. It is in the best weather conditions that the Swedish Transport Administration sees a clear increase in traffic accidents. Here are the tricks that keep you safe on the roads.

Soon the summer holiday is here. It is time for longer car journeys with the family, both in daylight and darkness. At winter roads we expect darkness and snow-covered roads, which for many leads to a greater awareness of safety. Summer roads with wide and straight roads can invite for high speeds, which means that accidents increase according to the Swedish Transport Administration.

How do you increase traffic safety?
Aside from keeping the speed limits, being sober and rested, and using a safety belt, the choice of vehicle lighting is an important factor. If an accident occurs or if the vehicle breaks down, portable warning lights can come in great use. They are easy to carry, both for private and professional users (road maintenance vehicles, etc.).

– I recommend Strand’s synchronizable warning light, which comes in a bag with 6 pieces. The orange light effect makes us react and slow down, which can save lives, says Thomas Hagert, product developer at Strands.

Avoid tired eyes
When it comes to vehicle lighting that is used every day, Strands constantly develops new solutions with the driver’s experience in focus. Arcum is an LED bar designed to reach the optimum light beam. Light with a strong near-light or unnecessarily long spot beam can cause eye strain, which can lead to an unpleasant and insecure driving experience.

Arcum LED bar – with optimized light beam

– The light pattern is comfortable and safe for the driver. Suitable for both winding forest roads and straight stretches, explains Thomas Hagert.

Strands has invested heavily in developing vehicle lighting to always be at the forefront when it comes to technology and safety. To further increase customer safety, all articles in the Strands Lighting Division’s range are included in a unique function guarantee – from three to six years.

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