The best in lighting for commercial vehicles

Strands have everything you need in terms of automotive lighting for your vehicle & truck such as LED light bars, LED work lights, strobe lights for trucks, LED conversion kits and much more . Our own brand SLD are produced with high quality and always include a 3-year warranty. Strands offers LED, Xenon/HID and Halogen lights. Interior and exterior styling for your truck are very important to make sure the driver is comfortable and feels safe in the cab. We develop products to make the driver comfortable, safe and as focused as possible. Swedstuff and IZE are two brands that we also sell products from.

Strands offers a wide range of truck accessories

Strands always strive for high-quality products and we quality check every item to ensure they maintain high standards. Our range of truck accessories is very broad. We have universal & brand/model specific products. Our products are developed to make drivers job easier and more safe. Our truck accessories from Strands are developed in Sweden and we have many years of experience in this industry. We are proud of our ambassadors that give us feedback on products but also promote the company.